The Tale of El Diablo, by Chris Saint Clark

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The Tale of El’ Diablo

Legend tells of a car built by the Devil. A car so badass, mere mortals turn to wisps of sulfur smoke just by laying eyes on it. A chopped top 1950 Mercury appropriately dubbed, “El Diablo,” undefeated against angels and mortals alike. Satan’s servants say El Diablo is as fearsome as the Devi himself, it drives in the heat of hell.
Intrigued by the infamous lore alongside the prospect of driving hells hot rod, Chris Saint Clark set out to beat the Devil in a race for possession of hells vessel. Upon defeat, he would lose his soul to the depths of Hades forever. Satan’s towncar was just too much to resist, so with a drop of blood the deal was sealed and off they went.
An unfair start by the Devil left Chris eating fire dust. Peering through burnt eyes, Chris was behind, but not out. Slowly, he gained on the fire and brimstone pace, finally gaining on Lucifer’s hooves. Suddenly, the Devil circled around in a fiery pit, tempting Chris to drive through it with the promise of victory. The Devil’s evil, at best, only knew reluctance. However, that day Chris exerted angelic strength. Without hesitation, Saint Clark went head long through the burning pit with such a whirlwind the fires were extinguished. Old Beelzebub shook in the alarming wake of defeat. El Diablo now belonged to a mortal. A mortal of immense character, strength and the grit to ride out of hell in the Devil’s ride…El Diablo.

 Original Builder – Unknown
 3” Chop
 Hood Corners – Rounded
 Shaved Doors & Trunk – Shaved
 Headlights – Frenched
 Tail Lights – Stock
 Rear Window & Bumper – 1949 Mercury
 Dashboard – 1949 Mercury
 Grille – 1953 11 tooth Desoto
 Steering Column – ididit
 Interior – 1966 Thunderbird interior done in Corvette Red Leather
 Center Console – late model jaguar
 Paint – HotRod Walt
 Pinstriping – HotRod Walt & Mazooma Mike
 Engine – Late-Model 400 Chevy
 Alternator & Compressor – Mounted with Zoops Brackets
 Carburetor – 600 CFM Edelbrock with Chrome Batwing Intake
 Transmission – 3 Speed Automatic
 Rear End – Camaro, open mounted on Notched Leaf Springs
 Front Suspension – Fat Man
 Air ride on all four corners
 Steering – Mustang II Power Pinion Rack


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