Bikes for Books

Bikes for Books is about supporting our community’s underserved children going back to school. School is just around the corner for most of the country. Teachers, parents, and children are anxious on what’s ahead for this school year. Is your school going virtual? Or, is your school planning to resume in person.

If this were a “normal” start of a school year, preparations are hard enough as it is. Now, it is even harder. This said, we want to do our part to support both underserved teachers and students in our community.

We have reached out to a local teacher to provide us a list. This list are the essential students, K-8th grade, are required to have. To clarify, here is the list:

Colored Pencils
Pencil pouch
Glue Sticks
Notebook paper
Composition book or spiral notebook

Bikes for Books

Beginning Monday, July 27th, were will be collecting these school supplies at Hellbender Harley-Davidson and Grease Inc. You may drop off items inside the dealership at the Motorclothes counter, or drop off at the diner with Grease Inc. We will be collecting items between July 27th – August 31st.

Consequently, so many children go without support each year with proper supplies. And, nearly all teachers spend out of their own pockets, to adequately supply their classrooms, without any reimbursement from their schools. This should be a crime. Most teachers already go above and beyond, and now in these current dynamics, the stress inside and outside the class has risen. Our school systems need to better serve and support our teachers and the future of our amazing country.

Teachers are our heroes!

Making a Difference

Therefore, our efforts will help support Horizons. Horizons Atlanta works in partnership with Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School, Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church, Fulton County Schools, and other local partners to influence the trajectory of economically disadvantaged children in Sandy Springs by providing a high-quality enrichment program.

Horizons is an award-winning national network of transformational, community-centered education programs offering economically disadvantaged children an exciting learning environment outside of the traditional school year on private school and university campuses across the country.

Why Horizons?

Above all, the private-public partnership believes that every child in Atlanta, regardless of background, should have the same chance at making a positive impact on his or her community.  Horizons provides this opportunity by eliminating the critical barriers to success that many of our children face, thus putting them on a path to:

  • Read proficiently by the end of third grade
  • Graduate from high school
  • Receive higher education and
  • Become globally competitive professionals
The look on the kids faces when our community comes together to support their future!

Hearts of People Who Ride

Above all, people who ride motorcycles have some of the biggest hearts, especially when it comes to children. Consequently, this is a huge reason why we are reaching out.

Bikes for Books

In short, this weekend while you are out conducting your routine shopping needs, please think of the children and the children’s future. Certainly, we can all give a little something back to our country’s “greatest treasure”, the children of America.

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