Celebrating the 4th of July at Timms Harley-Davidson

The crew of Garage71 kicked off the 4th of July weekend at Timms Harley-Davidson in Anderson, SC. The first Thursday each month, Garage71 hosts the Bike Night events. Every month, there is some great music that hits the front stage at the dealership, sponsored by Iron Horse Law.

Andrea and Mud with Garage71

Thursday, July 2nd, Andrea Colburn and Mud Moseley took the stage to start the holiday weekend.

“Steeped in the dark, grimy, sleaze of the Cramps, with a good dose of garage rock and 1970s trucker songs thrown in for good measure… the new album, features Morricone-haunted horn sections and a ghostly singing saw… like Conway and Loretta on acid.”

Andrea and Mud on stage at Timms Harley-Davidson
Mud Moseley and Andrea Colburn
at Timms Harley-Davidson

The weather was a crisp sunny summer night. The bikes rolled in numbers beginning at 6pm during the live broadcast by Garage71. Andrea and Mud took the stage at 7pm for two sets.

Timms Harley-Davidson Bike Night with Garage71
Timms Harley-Davidson

It was great to see self “distancing” at the show. People do want to see other people. It is in our nature to do so. However, when it comes to self-discipline, the masses seems to naturally fall in line. The local Anderson P.D. was on-site and many were seen coming up to the officers thanking them for the service.

Mud Moseley with Garage71
Mud Moseley celebrating his birthday at stage
at Timms Harley-Davidson

In addition, to starting the holiday weekend off with the great people of Timms H-D, it was Mud Moseley’s birthday. Now, Andrea claims Mud is “only 14”, but we tend to believe he might be slightly older than that! No less, Happy Birthday Mud. It was a great time having you up on stage celebrating with all of us.

Andrea Colburn and Mud Moseley in Hell’s Kitchen at the Garage71 Studios

What’s next?

As we head into the end of summer, we have several additional shows coming up at Timms Harley-Davidson. First coming up is the gypsy music collective, Mayhaley’s Grave. They will be playing Timms’ Bike Night on Thursday, August 6th.

“Southern Gothic Swing sensation Mayhayley’s Grave is based out of Carrollton, GA, and named after Amanda Mayhayley Lancaster, the “Oracle of the Ages.”

Mark your calendar now, as we hear Mayhayley’s Grave is gonna burn the center down with their gypsy voodoo hoodoo magic….

Make sure to follow us to hear what’s coming next with Grease Inc. and Garage71…