Classifieds Submission Form

Grease Inc. now offers a FREE classified listing for consumers. Please fill out the form below. You may use up to 25 words, including your contact information to describe your ride or vehicle for sale. Each free listing will expire after the issue of inclusion. Our issues come out on a bi-monthly circulation. You are permitted to post for sale any automobiles, motorcycles, parts, kustom kulture art, and vintage collectables.  With the FREE classified listing no pictures are available. You may always upgrade to our Private Owner Rates. Additional cost and fees will apply. Please see attached for rate sheet for featured classifieds including one photo to a full page feature. Classifieds Information Sheet

*We are not responsible for typos, misprints, or proofing the materials provided

**If your FREE listing is over the 25 word limit, you will automatically be removed from eligible print submission. Please follow above guidelines.