’47 Pontiac, Dahlia

I picked up the Pontiac back in 2007 in Colorado. I lucked out, as the car pretty much had everything there, just a few missing pieces of trim. After a few years of searching, I was able to find any missing pieces. From there I changed the wiring system completely and did some minor motor maintenance with replacing the carb and changing the water pump. She started up and I just wanted to enjoy her as-is for the time being.

After a few years, I knew it was time to finish her, so I brought her to Joez Shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We decided to paint and complete the entire interior of the Pontiac. From there, I decided to paint her two-tone candy red and black and reached out to my good friend Solvent 888. She was a slick-looking ride… In 2016, I knew she was ready for a slight change so I went to Sean Daily from Straight Street to repaint. We added amazing patterns and wild cherry candy. Since then I am back to enjoying her smooth good-looking ride. I never trailer her; I drive her. That’s what she likes….

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