May Marks Motorcycle Awareness Month

This month marks Motorcycle Awareness Month. Warmer weather. Longer days. This is one of our favorite times of the year. It’s like a renewal on one’s self. Now, in these current times, a renewed self is in order.

With the stress of so many unknowns, with using dangerous phrasing, like the “new norm”, brings us to a sense of what liberties are we willing to give up? Motorcycle riders historically have been depicted as rebels. Will we then rebel against the “norm” at whatever the cost? Well, lets hope none of this comes to any type of reality as so many others say sunshine and warmth are one of the key components when combating this COVID19.

Traditionally, Motorcycle Awareness Month celebrates the reality that motorcycles begin to be seen daily on roads across the country. The northern states have begin to thaw and riders have already enjoyed the season kick-off at Daytona Bike Week. With warmer weather, it’s time to remind everyone to be on the alert and to share the road with motorcyclists.

Even with travel and commuting down, it seems our roads are packed with distracted drivers more and more. That said, as a rider, we too need to take precautions. We need to be just as aware. If we learn anything from COVID19, it’s to be prepared and aware. That is the best thing we can all take away.

With the start of a season stalled out, it appears that more will continue to change and impact other aspects of luxuries we all have enjoyed including, concerts, festivals, group gatherings, and more. Though we at Grease Inc. and Garage71 continue to remain positive, we can say it has worn us down a little. Listening to so much negativity is very unhealthy for anyone over time. That is why riding is such a great release!

Here are some suggested things to think about as we head into some amazing weather and we get to ride. Please share these tips in discussions with friends who don’t ride and do. These are great topics that we all can learn a little more and enjoy this riding season.

Great Suggestions when talking with drivers

Drivers — please follow these safety tips to be more aware of motorcycles and to help keep all on our roadways safe:

  • Slow down, assess your surroundings, and don’t rush when crossing intersections, entering the roadway from a parking lot or driveway, or turning left. Always give yourself enough time to thoroughly check for motorcyclists.
  • When turning left, ensure there is enough time and space for the motorcyclist to clear the roadway before you initiate the left turn.
  • Don’t follow motorcyclists too closely and allow sufficient braking cushion between your vehicle and the motorcycle in front of you to give your vehicle enough room to come to a complete stop without a collision. Remember, a motorcyclist’s brake lights might not always be engaged when a motorcycle decelerates.
  • Always double-check your blind spots when changing lanes or starting to entering or exiting the roadways. Adjust your rear- and side-view mirrors and use them properly.
  • If someone you know drives a motorcycle, tell him or her to always wear a helmet—even if the law doesn’t require it. According to NHTSA, an estimated 29% more lives could have been saved in 2018 if all motorcyclists had worn helmets. Even now the trend has gone from not wearing helmets to wearing full-face helmets. We believe it is a choice, but think safe and protection first. Again, being prepared is a lesson learned already.

Lastly, we will like to leave you with a friendly motorcycle inspection checklist you can view, created for our friends at Hellbender Harley-Davidson. Even though this was shot with a Harley as an example, this checklist serves as a reminder of things we overlook, take for granted, or just assume will never affect our ride. Check it out. You might be surprised at what makes a huge difference in getting ready for a great ride…