In Case You Missed It, the Waymores in Hell’s Kitchen

This past Friday, the Waymores performed live in Hell’s Kitchen, which are the Garage71 Studios, located on property at Hellbender Harley-Davidson.

The performance is one of many performances shared on-line consequently during these interesting and challenging times. That is to say, many artists are creating ways to combat their loss of shows booked around the globe. In other words, what are performers going to need to do to drive attention?

This is a very unique time, that plagues the world. Therefore, entertainers are teaming up with various ‘partners’ and creating new outlets to reach their fans.

The creative team at Hot Pan Productions, Inc., known to most as Grease Inc. magazine and Garage71 radio and studios, have creatively found a resolve. To clarify, Brian “Big Boy” Whitcomb, President and Producer, has released his concept of the “Kustom Kulture Network”. In short, this is an added platform to the already existing forms of media provided services of the brands to bring you broadcast quality live performances.

Kustom Kulture Network

As a result, the Kustom Kulture Network will have the capabilities to use multi-camera angles. They are able to apply live performance sound techniques. In short, provide artists a ‘stage’ to perform during a quarantine.

In case you missed it, you can watch the show aired via outlets including: Facebook, YouTube, and multiple web sites. For example both Grease Inc. and Chicken Ranch Records simulcast the performance last Friday. “We wanted to provide easy access for anyone to see the Waymores’ performance,” says Brian Whitcomb of Garage71.

The main focus was to dive traffic and interaction between fans and the Waymores on their Facebook page. Here, during their performance, the producers communicated to the Kira and Willie during the show. The band played several requests, as well provided shout-outs to many of the fans worldwide.

Following their performance, Willie and Kira began to receive a flood of texts including from the Netherlands, Norway, the UK (where they most recently cancelled their tour). There were several local texts as well as text coast to coast in America, including New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee, and Colorado. “We are completely and utterly blown away by you. Y’all showed up in the best way possible. From your homes. You tuned In and holy god. ” Kira Annalise of the Waymores.

In short, we wanted to share with you again the Waymores’ performance in case you missed it. We are all taking it day by day. There are many uncertainties, but know one thing, we can and will get through this all together…