First Bike Night of the COVID release

Well, months later and several shows, festivals, and events cancelled, we get to get back out on the road with our first ‘official’ Bike Night of the season. This coming Thursday, June 4th, the crew of Grease Inc. will be at Timms Harley-Davidson in Anderson, South Carolina.

It is almost like really? Are we really doing this? We don’t mean it from the stand point of not wanting. We have been wanting this for weeks. It is more surreal that we actually put a ‘stop’ of life overall.

We understand and have embraced the pandemic that plague the world. There was a point that understood the action of ‘pumpimg the brakes’. There was and still is something new in the world that affected us all. Now, we will NOT get into the politics of it all, but realize there was a concern. The whole COVID epidemic was something to be mindful of at first. No one knew what this virus was capable of doing.

None the less, we saw a lot of good things come out of the pandemic, that is still affecting much of the world. We mean good things like support of musicians like we have not seen in a long time. Most do not realize how impactful something like this can cause.

So many businesses have closed, and many will not re-open. Think about it. Still today, many people are still out of work with no real solution planned depending on their industry, their state, or other influences that make this choice a lot harder. There is a risk to all of us. Some there is the considerations on the health aspect personally. Others, it is a state of what do I need to do for my family, my business, my lifestyle, and so much more.

This all said, we are looking forward to coming together in what we believe will be a great time and something that is good for the soul. We believe that sometimes we forget you have to feed the soul just as much as all the other important life decisions we are faced with. This includes and excludes the current level of the pandemic craze.

Vintage Fest Timms Harley-Davidson

On the good sides of life, the folks at Timms Harley-Davidson and the crew at Grease Inc. and Garage71 plan to have our first show of the year this Thursday beginning from 6pm to 9pm. We will have legendary outlaw country performer Willie heath Neal and the Damned ol’ Opry on stage. This concert is a free event and there will be food, drinks, and local vending.

We look forward to seeing faces that we have not seen in some time. Respectfully understand some will not show because of the 100’s of reasons that are important to each of us personally. We know we will see all of you soon enough, and at the right time. So, keep safe and healthy until that time…

Make sure to tune in to this on-line event!

Check out the amazing schedule we have lined up for the remaining year and season at Timms Harley-Davison. We will be adding a couple more shows later in the year, so this is the best place to keep up with the schedule of events and what’s coming.

So, in close, we are excited and look forward to seeing everyone come out this Thursday to Timms Harley-Davidson for the free concert with Willie Heath Neal. Show up early, stay late. We are gonna have a damn good time…