Friends We Haven’t Met Yet

The launch of our latest video for Hellbender Harley-Davidson hits the web during a time many of us could never have imagined. The COVID-19 pandemic and self-isolation reminds all of us at Hellbender Harley-Davidson how much we value our customers, our friends, our staff, and our family.

The series For the Love of the Ride brings us back to all the great times centered around one simple common factor: a motorcycle. This video, Friends We Haven’t Met Yet, was shot with our great friends at Terminus. The ride is about running into people, anytime and anyplace, where you can simply strike up a conversation over your bike, your gear, or whatever else you care to discuss.

We are sure these days there are tons of topics to discuss… The really kool part about this video is that we had a complete stranger we met join our ride. It was a real moment illustrating exactly what riding does or can do: meeting friends we haven’t met yet. Derrick was out riding alone when we met him at the local coffee house. We all struck up a conversation, and next thing you know, Derrick spent the rest of the afternoon with us filming. This was his first time ever riding with a group. This is what riding is about.

As we head into May, we want to remind everyone this is Motorcycle Awareness Month as well as Women’s Ride Month, with International Women’s Ride Day on Saturday, May 2nd.

We look forward to seeing more and more two wheels on the road this year practicing social distancing. We actually believe many folks who don’t ride are jealous of all of us who do. Come on, what is the best way to practice social distancing these days? That’s right, RIDE.

Enjoy the video and look out for two more videos heading your way as we head into the summer season: Roads Less Traveled and The Wave. Keep the rubber side down and stop on by Hellbender Harley-Davidson for a visit. We have made some safe adjustments to adhere to guidelines while still providing you exceptional service. Enjoy Friends We Haven’t Met Yet. Facebook:


Hellbender hell-ben-der \ ‘hel-,ben-der\

n.1. a very large salamander, (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis) with a flathead, stout body, and powerful tail, inhabits streams and rivers in the eastern US native to Georgia.

2. [origin name] reckless or headstrong

3. a road with twists and turns, related to road racing and motorcycling.

4. the premier Harley-Davidson dealership in Georgia.

Video shot by: Hot Pan Productions, Inc. and Famous Elements Studio

We want to thank Skullriderz for use and wear of their official Skullriderz Flannel with kevlar armor.