Gun Runner Charity Poker Run

There are a few things that go great together in life. Chocolate and Peanut Butter. Hot Dogs and Hamburgers. Beers and Brats. Another great pairing is the combination of two iconic American symbols. Motorcycles and Guns.

Gun Runner Charity Event

Now, to make this even a better combination is when you may combine these two together for a great cause.

A portion of the proceeds will support Truth in Nature, reaching the fatherless. “Our mission is to reach, inspire, support, and engage young men from fatherless and single parent homes in understanding their purpose as Christian men and helping break the fatherless cycle in society today.

This October 10th, let’s combine some good American fun to a cause. The Gun Runner Shootout will begin at Hellbender Harley-Davidson on October 10th, with registration beginning at 10AM with the last kickstand up at 12 noon. We will have a suggested map for the run for you to follow on the Harley-Davidson Ride App. Here is the link for the actual ride with all locations marked in the order of the Gun Run:


We will be giving away some amazing prizes including:
1st Place provided by Governor’s Gun Club:One FMJ MembershipTalon 556 RifleValue: $2,349.95
2nd Place provided by the Copperhead Lodge in Blairsville, GA: Weekend Away at Copperhead Lodge: two nights in elite cabin with one bedroom, garage, and hot tubValue: $600
3rd Place: $100 Cash
We will even have a Joker Card shoot off at Governors Gun Club where you will be given the chance to hit a target at 10 yards and be entered to win an additional prize of a $200 gift card valid at Hellbender or Southern Devil Harley-Davidson and a $50 gift card good at Downtown Axe throwing.
We will even have a Worst Hand Prize!!!

Talon 556 Rifle

Rules of the Game

Registration for the Gun Runner will be $20 per rider. A passenger may also participate in the shoot for $20 per passenger. Each participant will receive 5 x 9mm bullets, ensuring every rider will have ammo for the shootout. We just wanted to ensure each participant had available ammo for the event. We will provide any rider a 9mm pistol to use at the range to participate if needed by a participant.

There are 2 Mulligans available for each rider in the game. You may discard any two cards and reshoot, up to two cards for an additional $20. You may add your Mulligans at registration. Remember this is for charity.

The allowed caliber of pistol used for the Gun Run are the following:45,40,9,380,.38, and a 357
*iron sights only. no lazer sights or special targeting sights allowed.

All participants of the Gun Runner must ride a motorcycle to participate. This does include that your passenger is eligible.

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Each rider will receive a sheet at registration/check-in. This sheet you will need to complete the top portion for identification. The bottom portion will be your hand. The card sheet will be verified by the crew of Hellbender, Southern Devil, and Grease Inc. at each location. You must have your card or shot verified and signed off to be eligible to win.

At each of the ranges you will receive a new target with a deck of cards laid out. The targets will be set at 5 yards on the range to shoot. You will get one shot at your target for your card selection. Again, you will need to bring your target to the on-site verification staff team for them to complete and sign off on your hand. (You may take some practice shots at each range prior to your card shot. Please keep it no more than one magazine at each range.)

There will be a couple of safety videos and waiver to be signed required by law and insurance to participate. We will have the safety video for Governors Gun Club available at Hellbender Harley-Davidson prior to the ride start, and the safety video for Adventure Outdoors and Truth in Nature will be on-site at Adventure Outdoors before you are able to enter the range.

At each range, our group will be assigned Range Safety Instructors. Follow their instructions exactly, as the Safety Instructors are here for everyone’s safety. Follow all range guidelines and safety instructions. Safety is our number one priority at this event.

How the game is played

The Gun Runner will be a game of Poker, Five Card Stud.

Each participant will receive a new Poker Target Sheet at each range and an actual hand verification sheet to be used throughout the Gun Run and a Poker Hand Sheet. Each card drawn or shootout must be verified and signed by an official staff to be eligible to win at each location. Your shot must be inside the line of the card for your card to count.

One card at registration will be drawn at Hellbender Harley-Davidson in a multi deck stack.

One shot will be taken at Adventure Outdoors for your second card.

One shot will be taken at Governors Gun Club for your third card.

At the Governors Gun Club, we will also have the Jokers Wild Shoot Out to get your chance to get in on the drawing of a Gift Card of $200 valid at Hellbender or Southern Devil Harley-Davidson. You have 5 shots to hit your target.

You may shoot your Mulligans here at Governor’s Gun Club if you have purchased them at registration.

One shot will be taken at Truth in Nature for your fourth card. Here you may decide to shoot your Mulligans if you have purchased them at registration.

At Southern Devil Harley-Davidson you will draw your last card for your final hand.

At Southern Devil we will have music, food trucks, and cold drinks available including chilled beers for all participants.


We want to thank our supporting sponsors for this amazing ride experience including: Hellbender Harley-Davidson, Southern Devil Harley-Davidson, Governors Gun Club, Adventures Outdoors, Steelhorse Law, Copperhead Lodge, and Grease Inc. magazine.

A portion of the proceeds will go towards supporting the Ministry of Truth in Nature.

To register:

You may preregister at for the Gun Runner Shootout at Eventbrite If the Gun Run gets rained out, determined the day of the run, our rain date is scheduled for Saturday, October 24th.

More Details

For more details and specifics on the run, go and like the event page.

Please ride and shoot responsibly.

*this ride will be filmed for promotional purposes for Hellbender and Southern Devil Harley-Davidson.