Rockin Route 66 Livestream now on YouTube

With the cancellation of Rockin Route 66 Festival, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the producers have scheduled a Livestream concert this Saturday. The festival was originally planned for this weekend in Tucucmari, New Mexico. As a replacement of the week long festival, the producers have created a livestream concert.

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“Though we can not host the actually festival this year, we wanted to do our part in providing a great introduction into the excitement of celebrating next year the 95th anniversary of Route 66.

You may watch this livestream event on Rockin Route 66’s Facebook page or on their website at This is a free live concert broadcasting through the Kustom Kulture Network in Hell’s Kitchen at the Garage71 Studios, Marietta, Georgia.”

Brian L. Whitcomb, Creator and Producer of Rockin Route 66 Festival

As a result of these worldly changes, we are adding ways to watch the livestream concert. Here, we will outline for those who have smart TV’s steps to tune-in to Rockin Route 66’s concert event, now on YouTube. In other words, we are making it easier for you to enjoy the full concert experience in your home.

Subsequently, you may click this link here to go directly to the Grease Inc. & Garage71 YouTube Channel. The livestream is scheduled to air this Saturday, June 27th at 6:15pm, EDT.

At 6:15pm, EDT you will see an icon that will indicate we are live. You will then be able to open the link and change settings to expand the window for better viewing. As a result, you will then be able to control volume and levels to your liking.

Firstly, make sure you have downloaded the YouTube app on your smart TV. Most TVs have YouTube as a preset. However, if your TV does not, you may simply conduct a simple search and download the app ahead of time. Secondly, we recommend you do this ahead of time. We do not not want you to miss a thing. This show is packed with extras!

Ms. Kimber VonGore
Photography by Brooklyn Brat Photography

In other words, if you do this ahead of time, you are able to view some of our other great videos. Plus, you can ensure your TV is ready and you can learn how to adjust settings including volume.

One of the biggest “snags” we see people come across during livestream performances is they do not know they need to remove the mute option to videos and livestreams. Many have this as a preset on our devices, and are unaware. It is an easy fix, but you want to become familiar prior to the stream, so you do not miss a thing.

Livestream Event Details

The stellar line-up will include the Waymores, Atomic Boogie, Jane Rose and the Deadend Boys, and headlining the evening will be Slim and the Gems.

Rockin Route 66 Logo

Our very own Rev. Andy of Garage71 radio and Grease Inc. will be your host for the night. Though we understand this will not fill the shoes of Rockin’ Route 66, we hope you’ll enjoy a great show with amazing talent!

You will be able to make donations to support the bands on our website, There is a donate button already up in the left side bar of the webpage as you scroll down. The funds will go towards the artists playing the performance. So many artists and entertainers have been devastated by the COVID pandemic. Most have lost nearly all performing gigs for this entire year. Anyone may begin to donate today and support Rockin Route 66.

Above all, we want everyone to enjoy this ‘rockin’ livestream event. We will be unveiling live a custom hand built 1925 C cab built exclusively for Chad Lee Vaillcourt, bassist for Atomic Boogie, built by Skeeter Holloway. Currently, Skeeter has 7 projects in the works to make the Route 66 run for next year’s festival in Tucucmari, New Mexico.

Social Media Connections

In addition to watching the livestream of Rockin Route 66 on your smart TV, you may also tune interact with us live on Facebook. We will be responding to listeners through social media prior to the concert and during. We will even relay some messages to the acts during their performances. One of our music ambassadors at Garage71 will be running the feed.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram this week for some behind the scenes set-up and previews to this amazing event.

Scott Adams Photography shot in Tucumari, New Mexico

In close, we want to thank everyone for the overwhelming understanding and support. We did our very best to hold off on any decision until it was confirmed through the local city office. The state of New Mexico will not be allowing any festival in the near future to take place. We only hope that future events in the year have better luck so everyone can get out when ready and enjoy each other once again.

Ms. Ava Fairlane, Ms. Kimber VonGore, and Ms. Leggy LaFleur
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