Sharing the Christmas Spirit

This Festivus was like no other year. It all started back before the Thanksgiving holidays when what would generally be viewed as a bunch of hoodlums hung around an outdoor table basking in the fall sun came up with a plan. You see the folks right here are Grease Inc. and Garage71 decided to move their studio over to Marietta. Now, settled on the Hellbender Harley-Davidson property is an old 60’s diner. Well, the crew moved in and named her Hell’s Kitchen.

Now in the local area of Marietta are many great supporters and followers of Grease Inc. and Garage71. One group, the Bearded Sinners, has been on the down low for some time, but this particular fall afternoon, they decided to make it a point to stop by and check out the new spot and spend some time with “Big Boy” of Garage71.

It was planned that fall day that Grease Inc. with the help of the Bearded Sinners, Mosh for Tots, Hellbender Harley-Davidson, Ironmonger Brewing Company, Famous Joe’s Bar and Grill, and Second Self Brewery would all join together with their communities and create a toy drive. Now, this was not going to be just a toy drive that we would collect and drop to another organization that might never see the smile of the child’s face, or for that matter, might not make it to any child even this Christmas, but be stored in a warehouse for Christmas to come yet another year. No way!

So, “Big Boy” called a good friend and reached out locally to Etheridge Junk Removal to Jaybo, the owner, and asked for guidance and help. Jaybo lead them to 7 Bridges to Recovery.

The purpose of the ministry is to rescue our brothers and sisters off the streets and help them break the binds of homelessness, alcohol, drugs, sexual addictions, prostitution, and abuse…

Isaiah 58: 6-7

Is this not the fast that I have chosen:
To loose the bonds of wickedness,
to undo the heavy burdens,
to let the oppressed go free,
and that you break every yoke?
Is it not to share your bread with the hungry,
and that you bring to your house
the poor who are cast out;
when you see the naked, that you cover him,
and not hide yourself from your own flesh?

It is so amazing to watch what God is doing in the Metro Atlanta and what a blessing to be a part of it!

7 Bridges to Recovery is a non-profit 501c3 organization that reaches out to the lost and broken of Atlanta and beyond.

Based off of Isaiah 58:6-8, our goal is to end homelessness in Atlanta, then in Georgia, then in the United States and eventually in the world with the love of Christ, one person at a time. We are the Rescue Team for Jesus!

We go under the bridges of Atlanta and into an area called the Bluff (Atlanta’s largest crack cocaine and prostitution district) where we feed and meet physical needs with the goal of sharing Christ and eventually getting the homeless off the streets.

We have a home for 105 women and children and a program for 25 men that have all been rescued from the streets.   These men and women continue to go to the streets multiple times a week reaching out to the lost.

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Now, we are not much of true believers or full of religion, but what I tell you what happened was truly magical.

We received so much love from everywhere! We packed our delivery truck half full of toys and gifts. We collected gifts from downtown to the suburbs. We collected cash money to go buy for young to older kids. We collected so many gifts that Pastor Seven was able to deliver on Christmas day to two other locations that are not as fortunate as those finding shelter at 7 Bridges. Pastor Seven delivered to the bridges in downtown Atlanta, having children come running out of tents and coverings that no child should live in. He even was able to make a visit to one of the poorest communities in Atlanta ensuring the children of Atlanta did not go without a Christmas.

To see so many smiles on Festivus, December 23rd, just two days before the big day, was amazing. Santa and Mrs. Claus took time out of their very busy day to come by and spend a few hours with the children and their families. So many smiles. So much love. And yes, this was brought on by a bunch of hoodlums with good intentions and some amazing people all across this city.

Merry Christmas to all and to all make 2020 a very Happy New Year!!!!