Tabernacle Sundays

Tabernacle Sundays

The first Sunday of each month lets get out and roll… Beginning in October, we will meet in the parking lot of Hell’s Kitchen at Garage71 Studios around 11AM. 

Every month we will roll out to a new place in search of the best Bloody Mary’s, the best Sunday afternoon music, and the best lunch. We want to get people out in their rods or on their bikes. If you do not have either, catch a ride with a friend or still come and hang out. It’s NOT a status thing or being pretencious. It’s about getting out and enjoying an afternoon cruise to somewhere new.

Some of the target locations are Marietta Diner (though really close to the studio, it is still really good!), Famous Joe’s for their Bloody Mary’s, 57th Fighter Group, Bone Garden, Social Fox Brewery, old town Rome, and more… We will always be looking for new spots.This will be family friendly, so anyone can join in. The singles can mingle yet keep the scene alive with the hopeful next generations too!

Bloody Mary’s at Famous Joe’s in Hamilton Mill

Dress your version of your Sunday Best. It can be casual or it can be to the 9’s. Your choice and your style, just like your ride… Anyone is welcome to join in. All makes and models on two wheels, and anyone cruising. This is what makes this real. No attitude! Well, maye sometimes. It is Sunday morning… 

Famous Joe’s Classic Bloody Mary

Address is best used for Hellbender Harley-Davidson at 993 South Cobb Drive, Marietta.

You can always share the event with you friends either from here or on our created event page clicking here.

Grease Inc. Tabernacle Sundays