Meet Ms. Georgia Wallace, Grease Inc.’s Spring Rag Doll

Ms. Georgia Wallace, Grease Inc.’s Spring Rag Doll

Tom Loughman – photographer

Ms. Georgia Wallace

DOB 03/10/1979

Hometown: Columbus, Georgia


Favorite Color: So many pretty colors to choose from, but I own a lot of black

Hobbies Floral Design, Gardening, Motorcycles, Yoga, Antiques,

Education: Enviromental Horticulture

Occupation: Floral Designer

Pets: 3 dogs

Favorite Food: Crab Legs

Favorite Place to Eat Out: I am not really picky, but if it has seafood, steak or pizza I am down

What type of Music do you like? Otis Redding to FFDP, Janis
Joplin to Flogging Molly, Prince Seriously wide variety, except a lot of rap

What is your favorite Band? Queen

Favorite Song? Fat Bottom Girls

What is your favorite Movie? Clerks, Bottle Rockets

What type of Hang Outs do you go to? I mainly hang out at work these days

( enter sarcasm here)

What is your Drink of Choice? Diet Mountain Dew

What is a Turn On? Chivalry with a touch of asshole, tattoos, beards

What is a Turn Off? over inflated ego, high maintenance, self entitlement issues

Do you change your own oil? No, but I probably would if someone taught me

My life moto is ” Don’t be a Dick ” other than that ” Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like” Lao Tzu